Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The "Oprah Bouce" Effect On the Presidential Election

Over the past two decades, America has experienced Oprah Winfrey’s entertainment empire blossom from a insignificant seedling to a fully fledged chrysanthemum, voluptuous and full of color.

Born in Kosciusko, Mississippi, Ms. Winfrey was given her name from a misspelling on her birth certificate and has made her way to becoming the wealthiest Black woman in the United States.

Starting as a television anchor, Oprah quickly saw her sights for bigger and better things. From hosting her own television show, which led to her appearing in the big screen adaptation of one of her favorite novels, “The Color Purple”, to producing her own films (Beloved), Ms. Winfrey has gone on to single handed increase the popularity of celebrities such as Dr. Phil. With a single mention of a novel on her daily television talk show, which has on average 8.4 million viewers a day, she can take it from never being heard of to number one on the Best Seller’s list just as fast as you can turn the channel.

With her recent endorsement of the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, many are wondering if the so coined term “Oprah Bounce” will work in the political arena. Though Ms. Winfrey’s touch has helped so many, with any successful person, for every few triumphs, there is at least one failure that has been brushed under the rug. The queen of talk is not exception to this rule.

3. Rachael Ray Overkill
2. Oprah's YouTube Channel 1. Winfrey’s endorsement of the controversial self-help program 'The Secret'.

Will Oprah’s endorsement be a Obama’s saving grace, or will her interference be the downfall of another man’s future?

Personally, I think that the former will prevail. Either way, no one can doubt the elegant orator that Oprah has become.

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