Friday, November 16, 2007

Men's Gym Fashion....An Observation

Most recently, I have taken up a re newed interest in my health. Along with changing my diet, cutting back on drinking and smoking, I have started to explore different ways to workout in the gym, such as playing basketball and lifting weights. In high-school I was not a stranger to the gym, but it has been over a decade since then. During a recent trip to Philadelphia, I visited the 12th Street Gym, located downtown and noticed some changing trends in men's gym fashion.

In the past several decades, men with steroid filled veins and paper-thin muscle tees have ruled the gym as though they were cocks in a hen house. Their over sized arms and elephantine legs made many of us lesser enabled guys slightly humbled every time we showed our face (or should I say our chicken legs) next to them, in fear of looking foolish in the wake of most of these behemoths.

Now-a-days, the tides are changing and in greater numbers. Men are gaining confidence in their appearance, and placing more emphasis on what they wear instead of what’s underneath. One does not have to look far past the evolution of college and pro basketball wear to find an example.

With this boom, the sale of clothing gear for the fitness industry has sky rocketed accordingly. This onslaught of men’s exercise fashion has given way to mistakes in buying the type of gear that will most effectively aid in your fitness endeavors and these miscalculations can be made at a price that will not cause you to lose weight where you do not want to, and that’s in your wallet.
As men, there is no need to transcend back to our school aged days. When heading to the gym, we should not be afraid to choose the kind of workout gear that will show off your best attributes without ‘showing them out’.

Under Armour workout gear offers great style that will accommodate you in the gym. When sportin’ Under Armor’s HeatGear Full Tee ($49.00) as a top and their Microshort ($24.99) for a bottom you will fill like the king of the roost without looking like a buzzard. The HeartGear Full Tee is re-engineered for action in the gym. It features ArmourGri technology and raglan sleeves with flat lock stitching to keep you mobile. HeatGear fabric collaborates with strategic ventilation zones to keep you cool and dry. This is necessary when working out in a musty gym so that your armpits do not look as though they had a small dark haired child in a head-lock. Under Armor’s made from stretch micro fiber to deliver HeatGear performance with a relaxed fit. It includes a 7-inch inseam and a 10-inch rise.

This being said, some men just cannot get past the insecurity of being in a gym and opt to
have their fitness training out doors, the way nature intended. Now that the winter season has bit us on the back of the leg, the same attire that you wear while pumping iron in an unventilated gym, is not the same prescription for attire when training outside with Dale and the other chipmunks. If you choose Hind men's Varsity Long Sleeve ($49.99) for a top and the Under Armour men's Side Pant ($54.99) for a bottom, you would be well on your way to a perfectly comfortable out door workout.

The Hind men’s Varsity Long Sleeve features a combination of smooth-face, moisture management fabric and mesh fabric that provides inherent stretch, wicking, and ventilation. dryLETE technology moves moisture away from your skin to keep you cool and dry, and front and back reflectivity increase your visibility in low light, great for those evening runs in the winter. Yes you still sweat when it’s cold outside.

Under Armour men’s Side Pant delivers comfort and performance from the first stretch to game time. With a 4-way stretch and an athletic cut, these features help you keep up with the action, and the strategic mesh works with AllSeasonGear moisture management to keep you dry and comfortable. This track pant features an elastic waistband with inside drawstring, ankle zips, and zippered side pockets. It does not matter if you are sweating to the oldies inside a world class fitness facility or trying to endure your training on a cool, windy winter morning, you are going to have to have protection on your feet that is conducive to blood circulation, give you the correct arch support and, most importantly, stop that special someone dead in their tracks when they see you dash by.

Nike’s Shox Explodine ($99.99) is the ultimate training shoe to prepare for the gridiron. Its synthetic upper with laser details, this unit has a stability bridge and with its aggressive non-marking traction pattern out sole and lateral outrigger, you will be running for miles with the ease of striding from your bark-a-lounger to the fridge.

Now get off the couch have fun, stay safe and work out hard!

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